Is The RealReal’s authentication process thorough?

We have a rigorous, brand-specific authentication process that uses both human expertise and AI and Machine Learning. In addition, as the largest marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment, we have an extensive set of data — which serves as the backbone of our authentication process.

Many of the products in our possession will be run through TRR's proprietary authentication technology such as TRR Vision and TRR Shield, which looks at everything from the specifics of an item's construction to the liability of an item.

•Fine jewelry and watches are authenticated and appraised by our gemologists and horologists, and each piece comes with a valuation certificate. We even developed our own measurement device for mounted stones improves accuracy over conventional methods per our testing.

•Art items are thoroughly researched and validated by our team of fine art specialists.

Our team works diligently and is constantly innovating to ensure we maintain the highest standards and keep fraudulent products off the market.

*Brands sold on or through The RealReal (i) are not involved in the authentication of their products being sold through The RealReal and (ii) do not assume responsibility for any products purchased through The RealReal’s platform. Brands sold on or through The RealReal are not partners or affiliates of The RealReal in any manner.

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