Is The RealReal’s authentication process thorough?

We have a rigorous, brand-specific authentication process.

•Items are received and identified as “high risk” or “lower risk” based on brand, market value, fashion category, consignor data, etc. If there is a higher probability for counterfeiting, the product is deemed higher risk in authenticating.

•“High risk” items (anything from an Hermès Birkin bag to the hottest streetwear) are sent to authenticators with significant authentication experience, who are highly specialized in specific categories. Many of these authenticators join The RealReal from the luxury brands themselves—like Tiffany, Hermès and Rolex—or auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s and have a deep knowledge of the markers, materials and craftsmanship behind genuine products. They assess each item based on these and other characteristics.

•TRR Vision is a TRR-proprietary model that uses AI and machine learning to predict the likelihood of inauthenticity. The team is scaling this technique to cover 40% of handbag supply by the end of 2022. Improved efficiency and enhanced automation enables more efficient scaling of our business model.

•Fine jewelry and watches are authenticated and appraised by our gemologists and horologists, and each piece comes with a valuation certificate. We even developed our own measurement device for mounted stones that saves time and improves accuracy over conventional methods per our testing. 

•Art items are thoroughly researched and validated by our team of fine art specialists.

•“Lower risk” items, such as contemporary brands with clear authenticity markers, are sent to authenticators who are qualified to assess that brand and/or category

•Where a lower-risk authenticator has a question about an item, our high-risk authenticators, all of whom have deep experience, are available in person to discuss or review a product.

•Finally our Quality Control team provides an additional layer of control to help prevent fakes from being sold on our site, pulling certain at-risk items for further review. While this extra step takes time, we do not sacrifice quality for quantity. 

In addition, as the largest marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment, we have an extensive set of data — which serves as the backbone of our authentication process. For example, data is leveraged to update algorithms used in TRR Shield to route the highest risk products to our most experienced authenticators, making sure that the “high risk” products get the most scrutiny. We offer Authentication-as-a-Service to all our customers to build trust in the secondary market which helps extend the life of luxury items, promotes the circular economy and reduces incentives for fast fashion and waste.

Our team works diligently and is constantly innovating to ensure we maintain the highest standards and keep fraudulent products off the market.

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