FAQs - Items less than $120 Earn 55% Commission

Q: What is changing?

A: We are making a change to our commission structure affecting all consignments made as of February 15, 2017. Items priced at $120 or less will earn a commission of 55%. This new commission rate only applies to items accepted after February 15, 2017. Sales of items priced at $120 or less will still help you reach the next commission tier.


Q: When does this change go into effect?   

A: It will apply to any item accepted after 2/15/17.


Q: Does this apply to items that I consigned with you prior to 2/15/17?   

A: No. Only items accepted after 2/15/17.


Q: Will this apply to me if I’ve achieved 70% commission?   

A: Yes. This affects all consignors, regardless of current commission tier.


Q: Will the 20% coupon be counted against my price threshold?

A: No. The price that determines the 55% is the price that the item is first listed at on the site.


Q: Will The RealReal change the price of my item to $121?

A: No. In order to sell your item, it must be competitively priced.


Q: Will I be able to approve the price of my item prior to you putting it on sale?

A: No. That part of our process remains the same. Only items that are eligible for Price Approval (PA) will go through PA. Generally, items priced at less than $120 are not eligible for PA.


Q: Can I request my items be returned without charge?

A: Yes. For a limited time we can accommodate that. Please contact Consignor Relations with the SKU to have your item returned.


Q: Will The RealReal make an exception for me?

A: In order to grow our business and remain viable, no exceptions can be made.

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