Will I be able to approve the price of my items before they are listed on the site?

To be able to approve the prices of your items, you must request that your Luxury Manager or Inside Sales representative place it on price approval. Only items that meet at least one of the specifications listed below are eligible for price approval. Once an item is placed on price approval, we will contact you with our recommended list price for your approval before we make your item available on the site. Items eligible for price approval are protected from promotional discounts and sales and the price of these items will only be reduced with prior consignor approval.

  • Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags $995+
  • Full fur outerwear: mink, chinchilla and sable only
  • Crocodile & alligator handbags
  • Jewelry & watches $750+ (and all jewelry & watches consigned at a Luxury Consignment Office)
  • Eligible items processed in a Luxury Consignment Office appointment
  • Art & home items $1,000+
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