How does TRR handle consignments Returned to Consignors at the Consignor’s Request?

A charge for return requests has always been a part of the TRR consignment agreement, but given how unsustainable it is to ship these items back and forth and incur rising shipping costs, we are no longer able to subsidize this for consignors. Starting August 1, 2023, we will begin charging $15 per unit for return requests for items received before the end of the consignment window (365 days). A fee of $100 plus shipping will be applied for return requests of fine art and oversize items. Clients must still reach out to TRR to request a return to consignor. Vendor consignors and RealReal Rewards VIPs (per the commission structure) will be exempt from any fees. These fees will not be retroactive to previously consigned items

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