What are my options for selling and how does it work?


We are offering appointments at all retail locations. To keep our team and our community safe, we are performing wellness checks, requiring masks, limiting the number of people onsite and enforcing social distancing. 

You may also sell by scheduling a free at-home pickup. You can book an appointment here.

And as always, you may also mail in items you would like to sell. You can request a free shipping label here

There are easy ways to sell with us.

Schedule An At-Home Pickup: If you have 10 or more items by brands on our Designer Directory, you may be eligible for our free concierge pickup service. Click here to see if concierge service is available in your area. Note, the 10-item minimum doesn’t apply to items in our collectibles category.

Get Free Direct Shipping: If you have fewer than 10 items by brands on our Designer Directory or if concierge service is unavailable in your area, you can get a free shipping label to send your items to us. Click here to get started and request your free label. For further assistance, email direct@therealreal.com.

Visit A Retail Location: At our retail locations, you can meet with experts in person to learn more about selling and the value of your items. Click here to see if there is a retail location near you.

Curbside Drop-off: We are accepting curbside drop-offs at all of our retail locations. Book a curbside drop-off here.

Lockbox (NYC only)

Lockbox allows you to sell easily and safely on your own time using secure self-service drop-off lockers. Sign up to receive a one-time code and drop-off items to sell with The RealReal at your convenience.

Once we receive your items, they will be authenticated, photographed, priced and included in your profile under My Sales. This process usually takes between 10-15 days. Items that are deemed counterfeit will be confiscated. Items that have questionable authenticity, are not in our Designer Directory or are not in sellable condition will be returned to you.

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