How do you authenticate?

Each product we accept is put through a multiple-point, brand-specific authentication process by a team of luxury experts headed by our Director of Authentication and Brand Compliance. We inspect all applicable leather goods for the appropriate date codes, serial tags and hologram stickers, ensuring that all handbags pass our specific authenticity tests before they are placed in sales.

For fine jewelry pieces, The RealReal's gemologists use 10x binocular microscopes and loupes to inspect items, along with gem-specific instrumentation to determine the natural or synthetic origin of each piece.

The RealReal does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If we suspect that a submitted consignment item is inauthentic, we will first contact the consignor for proof of purchase. If there is still further doubt about the item’s authenticity, we reserve the right to confiscate the item and destroy it in compliance with all laws. Please note, brands sold are not partnered or affiliated with The RealReal. For questions regarding authenticity or how we authenticate, we encourage you to email us at

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