How do you price fine art?

Our expert evaluations are based on a number of industry standard variables. We consider both the retail market (galleries) and secondary market (auction houses) for a given artist's work, and we examine the value history of comparable items. By taking into consideration unique issues such as scarcity, condition, signature, media and edition, we are able to make an educated decision regarding the current market value of a given work. All of our estimates are based on numbers and market trends; we employ the same methods one would use to gauge the value of stocks. While art is an emotional investment, the valuation of it is rather scientific. Our ultimate goal is to arrive at a value that is honest and in-line, fair to our consignors, and upholds the integrity of each artist's market, while also providing our buyers with an experience that excludes ancillary fees, and that will allow for them to build or contribute to a strong collection by purchasing art for what it's worth. Our curatorial team represents over 30 years of expert field experience in auction houses, galleries and museums, and are USPAP certified appraisers in the area of Fine Art.

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