What do your condition descriptions mean?

We inspect each item carefully to assess the quality of the item. An accepted item is categorized as Pristine, Excellent, and Very Good.

Pristine: Item shows no signs of being worn. If the sale tag is on the item, it will be called out as Pristine with tags.

Excellent: Clothing is in perfect condition. Shoes and boots may have been worn outside and have light scuffing on the soles, but the leather is perfect. Handbags are in perfect condition. Jewelry shows no signs of being worn.

Very Good: For clothing to be classified as very good, it means that it shows signs of being dry cleaned (meaning some color degradation) or it has a small stain or snag. For shoes and handbags to be classified as Very Good, it means that they have been used more than once. Shoes and boots may have sole scuffing. Handbags may have slightly worn corners. Jewelry may have slight scratches on the gold or silver, but stones are still perfect.

Many of our items come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. When these are provided, they will be mentioned in the item description.

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