What is your watch trade-in program?

Our watch trade-in program allows you to sell your watch and get paid upfront in the form of site credit. Unlike consigning, when you trade in your watch you don’t need to wait for your item to sell to receive a commission payment. You can use your site credit to buy a new timepiece, or anything else on therealreal.com.

In lieu of consigning your watch with The RealReal and receiving a commission payment in cash or site credit (+5%) when your watch sells, you can choose  to sell your watch to The RealReal and receive an immediate The RealReal site credit for the agreed-upon trade-in value of your watch.

Site credit is redeemable for all purchases from The RealReal.

Site credit is non-transferrable, and does not expire. Site credit is not convertible to cash unless the balance of site credit on your account is less than $10.

Refunds for purchases made with site credit will be made in the same amount of site credit used for the purchase, plus any other form of payment used for the balance of the purchase, if applicable.

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