What are your condition standards for accepted items?

All items should be in fair (heavy wear), good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (without tags) or pristine (with tags) condition. Please use the lists below as a guide when checking the condition of your items.

We do not accept pieces with any of the flaws listed below.

Non-professional alterations
Larger than pin-size holes
Missing or broken zippers or buttons
Heavy pilling
Splitting seams
Larger than dime-size stains
Prominent tears

Excessive scuffing
Prominent discoloration
Broken buckles or zippers

Leather Goods
Broken buckles, buttons or zippers
Excessive discoloration or fading
Rips, tears or splitting seams
Excessive scuffing or scratching

Bowed arms
Crooked frames
Excessive scratching

Fine Jewelry & Watches
Loose or missing gemstones
Severe metal scratching or denting
Damage to watch functionality
After-market diamonds on watches

Home Furnishings & Art
Severe chips, cracks or tears
Excessive discoloration or scratching
Missing signature or date on artwork

Sport & Outdoors
Snow and ski equipment and gear: We currently accept skis, snowboards (bindings mounted preferred unless brand new), ski boots, snow boots, and helmets. We currently do not accept bindings unless they are new in-box. 

Outdoors: Sleeping bags, hammocks, and coolers. We currently do not accept any tents or camp furniture. View the full list of brands we currently accept in our Designer Directory.

Tennis: We accept rackets (strung & unstrung), racket covers, and bags. We currently are only accepting items in new (pristine) to almost-like-new (excellent) condition.

Golf: We accept golf equipment and accessories only in new (pristine) to almost-like-new (excellent) condition.
Drivers, Woods, Hybrids: Separate clubs only. No sets accepted.
Irons, Wedges: Complete sets or separate/single clubs. No incomplete sets accepted.
Putters: Separate clubs only.
Accessories like divot tools, balls: Not accepted at this time.

Golf conditions we do NOT accept:
Very good: Minor use and visible wear
Good: Used for a season, visible wear
Well worn: Broken in, heavy markings throughout, may have missing parts


  • Trading Cards: Grades 1-10 graded by PSA or BGS. We do not accept ungraded cards or cards graded by other agencies at this time. 
  • Comics: Grades 1-10 graded by CGC. We do not accept ungraded comics or comics graded by other agencies at this time. We also do not accept restored lels (purple), and qualified labels (green). Any noticeable condition issues such as holder cracks, scratches, glue/residue, writing on the slab/holder, stickers will not be accepted.

New, in-box items only at this time. Packaging does not need to be sealed, but must be included.

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