How can I ship my items to The RealReal?

Option 1

Free Shipping | Already Have Packaging

Available at any UPS Drop-Off location

  1. Simply print out your free UPS shipping label and packing list.
  2. Place the packing list in your package.
  3. Affix the label and take the package to your nearest UPS Drop-Off location. To find the nearest UPS location, go to 

Option 2

Free Packing & Shipping | Need Packaging

Available at The UPS Store® locations

Corporate Retail Solutions program for The RealReal

  1. Locate the nearest The UPS Store® location by going to and entering your address, or by calling 800.789.4623.
  2. Take your printout to The UPS Store® and give it to the store associate.
  3. The associate will pack and ship your items for free.
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