How do you price?

Our pricing strategy is dynamic and based on current market trends. We use real-time advanced pricing algorithms for intelligent pricing that is derived from internal data and external market trends. Our goal is to sell your items at the highest price the market will demand. All items are one of a kind so two items that look alike might have slightly different prices. The four factors below help determine the best prices for your items.

Brand Resale Value

Top-selling brands retain their value over time due to continued demand in the primary and secondary markets. You can often earn back more of the original cost for these brands. Some top-selling brands with high resale value include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, Cartier and Rolex.

Market Trends

Using internal and external data, we capture real-time insights into trending patterns, colors, silhouettes and styles.

Item Condition

We accept items in good (prominent wear), very good (moderate wear), excellent (perfect but without tags), and pristine (with tags) condition. The closer your items are to pristine condition, the higher resale value they will have.


Typically, the newer your items are the higher resale value they will have. Exceptions occur for vintage and rare items which will sometimes drive up the price.


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