What is the RealReal Repurposing program?

RealReal Repurposing sends items not accepted for consignment to I:CO, a leading global solutions provider for the collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of unwanted clothing, shoes, and textile-related accessories. At this time, the program is in a trial period and is only available to select consignors.
I:CO optimizes each item for its next best use, whether that is extending its life through reselling or by recycling. Items eligible for RealReal Repurposing are clothing, shoes, and textile-related accessories typically accepted on our designer list but not sellable on The RealReal due to condition, style, stains, tears, etc. Rather than have these items returned to consignors, RealReal Repurposing allows consignors the option to repurpose their items with I:CO, thereby still extending the product’s lifespan and helping to eliminate textile waste and protect the environment.
Together, The RealReal and I:CO are working towards their shared belief that the future of fashion is circular.
To learn more about I:CO, visit https://www.ico-spirit.com/en/.
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