Is it safe to buy from The RealReal and have you ship packages to me during COVID-19?

Yes. Based on what we know about the poor survivability of COVID-19 on surfaces, there is a low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days, and at ambient temperature, as is the case with all retailers. Our authentication center teams steam clean fine jewelry and watches, steam ready-to-wear items, and wipe down accessories and handbags. According to the CDC, COVID-19 transmission via contaminated surfaces is not considered a common way to contract the virus, but, as an additional precaution, we recommend you wash or sanitize your hands after touching packages or products from any retailer, including The RealReal.

We are taking additional precautions in locations from which we ship to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. We have increased janitorial staffing throughout all of our facilities and hourly disinfections of high touch surfaces, including restrooms, doorknobs, and break rooms, are performed daily. We conduct daily wellness screening and are providing additional paid sick time for both hourly and salaried employees to ensure sick and/or exposed employees stay home. Our COVID-19 safety policies include specific quarantine and testing requirements all employees must follow to ensure it is safe for them to be on-site and interact with customers. 

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