How can I expect my item to be discounted? How does this impact my commission tier & rate?

Our goal is to sell your item within 30 days at the highest price that the market commands. We constantly monitor market trends and discount items to increase their chance of selling. The longer an item is listed on the website without selling, the more discount may be applied to drive increased demand. The items below are always excluded from discounts for the first 30 days:
  • - All Women’s & Men’s Handbags $995+
  • - All Accessories $995+ 
  • - All Jewelry $995+
  • - All Watches $995+
  • - Select items based on current market value and demand
Your commission tier is based on the initial listing price of your item before any discounts are applied. The commission tier is applied to the final selling price of your item in order to calculate your personal payout.For example, if a dress is listed for $205 and sells for $164 after a 20% coupon is applied, the commission rate is based on the $205 listing price. For your full commission rate table, click here.
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